I miss you …

25 11 2012

So I was giving myself my daily dose of self-destructive behavior by checking up on all our favorite boys via Tumblr. Sigh. Safe to say, I’m having withdrawls.

S & I went to the Wheeling Nailers game 2 weeks ago … and that was fun. But not fun enough. Yeah — we saw potential…and even a Scotty Hartnell look-a-like, but it was nothing compared to our boys.

Then, I went to the BU game last night… and thats always fun. But still just not the same.

So when I saw this picture, my heart melted. I miss you Geno.

He’s got some weird obsession with animals. But thats why I love him.

I’m praying this all ends soon. And yes, I’m hopeful… sort of.


Pile. Of. Mush.

16 10 2012

So. Side note: There was just a major earthquake. Not. Fun. I live in Boston, not California. Smarten up, Mother Nature. I don’t enjoy your games..

Anyway, back to what I really wanted to talk about.


Is this not absolutely adorable?! Hockey players + little kids = my heart exploding. I just can’t handle it.

Ok. That is all.


P.S. – keep your eyes peeled for HUGE news about the lockout! My lips are sealed in fear of jinxing everything.

Lockout Bordem

11 10 2012

Ok ok … I know. Awful blogger award goes to us here at Hockey’s Finest. We’ve neglected you all in your time of need. But really, we’ve all been so depressed that we’ve just had nothing to say…

…until now.

“Vacation” is over and it’s because of this:

So apparently, Columbus is the place to be…

Stinger, the CBJ mascot, must be super bored because he gathered all of his friends and created this beauty of a video. If this doesn’t put a smile on your sad, depressed, little hockey-deprived faces I don’t know what will. Hell, I think we should keep an eye out … maybe it will catch onto some of the other teams… or players. Now that would be something I’d be willing to see.

Keep an eye out, friends! If you find anything, let us know!

Until then, tonight is “opening night” … and there is still no hockey. But I have a solution that will help (or at least I know it will help S & I) Everyone: grab your alcohol, your re-runs of HBO’s Pens/Caps & Flyers/Rangers, and sit back. No one says we have to spend this lockout in depression. We can at least make it tolerable for ourselves.

Bringing this back:

Happy Thursday, kiddies. Keep a smile on your face. We’ll make it through the drought together.



PS – if you’re still bored tonight even after the alcohol and re-runs… download Gongshow’s Saucer King app! I’m on Level 4 and DETERMINED to be an “All Star” by the time this lockout is over.

Extended Vacation

16 09 2012

Welp. Not much to say about this. I tried to ignore the fact that it could happen …. and that didn’t work.

However, the boys were nice enough to put together a little message for all the fans.

Lets just hope the season still starts on time.


Why we *want* to play.

5 09 2012

Leave it to Gongshow Hockey to create another beauty of a video. This time they focused all of their efforts on the outdoor or pond hockey aspect of the game. They organized a coast to coast Canada trip to have a little fun and capture why so many people love to play the game. I for one, would have liked to receive an invite for this trip. Oh well, maybe next time. So without further ado, here is the latest creation from the brilliant minds of Gongshow Hockey…

I don’t know about you, but this makes me want to venture up to Canada and brave the coldest of the cold to lace up some skates! Hope you enjoy the video as much as L and I did!


Oh Max….

2 09 2012

I swear…we’re meant to be.

I can’t get over how adorable this interview is. He’s so talkative.


BioSteel Camp — Day 2

29 08 2012

Yup. Another glorious video.

I love my life…

What is it about players taping up the sticks for the game? It’s instant drool.

Happy Hump Day, all!



BioSteel Camp — Day 1

28 08 2012

This post needs no introduction.

Here you go — to help you with your withdrawls…which I’m sure are getting worse with all the you know what talk going around.

We’ll try and keep you up to date on the camp. Needs have to be satisfied ;)


Shopping Buddies

13 08 2012

Dearest Maxime,

Where do you shop?

I mean, come on, look at those SOCKS! Only you could pull those off.

Where can I get my pair?

I’ll be in Montreal for my birthday in 2 weeks. Mark your calendar. I expect you to be waiting at my hotel to take me shopping.

And then maybe take me to a bar and party the night away…while wearing said socks.



You’re Welcome.

13 08 2012

Happy Monday. If you had a rough day like me, this will most likely cheer you up…I hope.

Carey Price and Tyler Seguin in one video. Oh. My. Lord.

Thank you, Under Armour!

PS – Isn’t this kind of odd? A Hab & a Bruin? Does this mean I don’t have to hate the Habs anymore and can wear my Price shirsey with pride? Are they a lovable team?

…Probably not. Wishful thinking for this Boston girl.