We’ve got Friends in Low Places…

12 05 2011

“…where the whiskey drowns and the beer chases my blues away…and I’ll be ok…”

Garth Brooks said it right. Sarah and I felt like this…

hate my life...

…after the Penguins lost to the Bolts in the first round. Our hearts were broken and our dreams of our Hockey Husbands raising Lord Stanley (again) were gone. It didn’t feel real. To me, the season was still going we just had a couple days off. Well, that all changed during “Break Up” Day. Images of clean lockers, zipped bags, and wrapped sticks flooded the Pens Report sending me into a mild anxiety attack. It was only April. My first thought?….’What the hell am I going to do until October?!’

Like Sarah, I too have a Hockey Buddy (not as loyal as her’s…but he’ll do for now). He not-so-nicely told me to get over it because the Big Bad Bruins were still chasing after the Cup and they need my support. As much as we try to put on a smiling face, it isn’t easy. We feel we only have half our hearts vested in the remainder of these insane playoffs. While we’ll try to keep our posts upbeat and positive, we apologize in advance for any ‘not-so-funny’ posts. We’re still trying to get through the grieving process of a loss…

Excuse us while we go cry in a corner...



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