It’s Us, or Them!

14 05 2011

Happy Game 1 of the Eastern Conference Finals Day!!! The only way we could be happier is if we could watch Mr. How’s My Hair?! and Staalsy play all night…but since they’re off golfing on some tropical island, we have to make the best of a not-so-ideal situation.

Somewhere in Florida, Sarah is having a panic attack waiting to hear if her Hockey Buddy came through with tickets for Game 3 or 4. (Don’t worry, S. I’m right there with ya.) He gets ‘Hockey Buddy of the Year’ Award if he comes through, and I just might move myself to Florida to see if S will share him with me.

Meanwhile, here in Beantown, I’m pacing back and forth trying my hardest to find a way to pass the time by. And to make matters worse I’m trying to find an interim Hockey Buddy since mine bailed on me…again. *rolls eyes and groans* So far, I’m having no luck. Looks like it might just be me, the dogs, the couch and the big screen….again. But hey, I’m not going to let a little Hockey Buddy trouble ruin my party!

Today is D Day and we can’t wait for the puck drop! If your cell phone service tanks around 8pm tonight, you should know its probably because Sarah and I are texting like mad.

Here’s to putting 10 years of friendship on hold for this series.  – S



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