A Girl’s Insight to a Man’s Sport.

15 05 2011

As a female who grew up and now works in the sporting world, I will be the first person to admit that a man and woman’s perspective differ greatly from one another in sports. For this reason, I would like to propose S & L’s personal list (in no particular order) of the advantages and disadvantages of being a FEMALE hockey fan.

Let’s get the bad stuff out of the way first, shall we?

  • Long bathroom lines at the arena. There are hundreds of times I wished I could have just run into the men’s room without anyone catching me.
  • Beer being split on your brand new handbag thanks to the drunk behind you.
  • Very few — zero drink options other than beer. Is it that hard to sell liquor or wine?? (HEY CEC! Take a hint! I spent 15 minutes searching for some whiskey! -L)
  • Network Blackouts. Let’s face it, we have all had those nights where we can’t watch our favorite teams in huge games because we don’t live in the right region.
  • Waiting outside in the heat before being allowed in the arena. Oh, wait…that may just be us Southern fans…
  • High ticket prices. There is nothing worse than money being the only thing between you and a night with your boys.
  • Dealing with the: ‘Holy $hit! You know hockey?!’ reaction every time you talk about it to guys.
  • Dealing with the old men and women yelling at you to sit down because they can’t see from behind you. (Don’t ruin my party just because you’re old and grumpy. -L)
  • All the business men taking up the good seats. Kick them into the nosebleeds and give us diehard’s the tickets. All they do is type away on their Blackberry’s anyway…
  • Watching your star athlete go down for the season due to injury (::cough::CROSBY::cough::  – L)

Now for the good stuff! The details that make this sport so addicting…
  • The smell. Man mixed with sweat…there’s just something about it.
  • French Canadian accents! (H-O-T! – L)
  • I’m not afraid to admit it, the boys are pretty to look at (pretty?! uhh…try sexy!! -L)
  • OT Hockey and Shoot Outs. I don’t think there is anything more exciting!
  • The sounds of the game. Skates gliding on the ice, the noise of the puck, whistles, chirping, and the bone crushing hits. (Don’t forget the Organs! -L)
  • Two words: Hockey Sweaters…the most comfortable things ever made.
  • Chill of the rink. Always makes me feel at home
  • The beauty of the sport. It takes fine finess along with brute force, an excellent combination.
  • The fights. Nothing like watching 2 grown men on skates trying to beat the crap out of each other.
  • Watching your favorite player get injured but then come out for their next shift. The mental toughness of these boys is unreal.
  • An excuse to hang out and be one of the guys for the night (Something we are particularly good at, eh S?! ;) – L)
  • The funny things the Broadcasters say/do on air. They have me clutching my stomach, gasping for air, laughing.
  • Zamboni’s. Need I say more?! (Probably the coolest piece of equipment ever made. -L)
  • Playoff beards!! (The second they hit “wolverine status”, I get pretty excited. -L)
  • HBO Specials! ;) Thank you God for the 24/7 Pens/Caps: Road to the Winter Classic (I watch that thing over&over&over&over&over…well, you got my drift…. -L)
  • Arenas. Each one has their own traditions that are amazing to see.
  • The superstitions. (Some of which are absolutely insane – L) 

No matter if your list differs from ours or not, there is no doubt that the good always outweighs the bad otherwise hockey wouldn’t have all of us as dedicated fans. We would love to hear what is on each of your personal lists and makes this game special to you. So, throw them at us! -S



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