Cupid don’t play with me! Are you telling me this is a sign?!

15 05 2011

For months now, Sarah and I have ignored the fact that the Pittsburgh Penguins have been sending us ‘signs’. But today, I just can’t ignore it anymore.

Let’s back track to the beginning.

We found this driving back to our Niagara Falls hotel from Toronto back in March:

JStaal is following S everywhere...but she doens't mind.

While in Pittsburgh, I almost swerved off of the many bridges spotting this. I swear Sarah almost had a heart attack from my scream:

It’s not my fault I legitimately thought we were going to fall off the cliffs of Pittsburgh to our untimely deaths when the DRIVER screams -S

He just *loves* to torture me...

And today. Driving home from lunch with my grandparents I run into this (swerved to a stop and ran across the street to take a picture):

S and I have a soft spot for Talbot... *sigh*

So. What does this all mean?! Well…we’re not sure exactly, but we’d like to think they are telling us to not give up and to stay loyal (especially since their season ended early this year). I mean, this can’t all be a coincidence, right?! And if you think it is, please keep it to yourself because Sarah and I like to think our boys are talking to us.

I know find myself paying more attention to street signs than the road. The second I find a Letang (St. Rd. Blvd. Pl. etc), Operation ‘Steal Street Signs’ will commence.

Laura had to talk me out of stealing the massive “Jordan” highway sign…Something about not getting arrested in a different country. What a Buzz Kill. -S

S, we’re going back this summer….we can always steal it then!! Plus, I told you ‘No’ last time only because I knew I had a $275 speeding ticket waiting for me when I get home and couldn’t afford to bail you out….stupid road trips.  -L



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