Time to give the West some love.

15 05 2011

We know, we know. We’re being bad bloggers by only talking about the East, but what can we say?! We’re East Coast girls! So in the hopes that we can capture more West Coasters, we guess it’s time to show some love.

Tonight the #1 seed Vancouver Canucks take on the #2 seed San Jose Sharks in the Western Conference Finals. And believe it or not, Sarah and I actually agree on who we want to win! Not sure how it started, but we have this sick obsession with the country of Canada. So it’s no surprise that we want the ‘nucks to pull through.

Let’s think about this for a second…what if Tampa takes the East? Do you really want to see the Sharks take the West?! That might be the warmest Stanley Cup Final, ever. No thank you. (Hey now, don’t be hating on the warm weather. You know you love to vacation at my apartment! Plus, having successful teams in markets like Florida and California help to grow the sport of hockey. – S)

Plus, how can you not love the Sedin twins?!

I know the first time Sarah showed this to me, I cried laughing and then continued to watch it over and over again.

And if the twins don’t do it for you, how ’bout Mr. Kesler?! He is on FIRE!! Let’s hope his point streak carries over to this series. (And that he does more advertisements for his underwear line ;)  -S)

Let’s hope the ‘Nucks win tonight, because I’m not sure I could handle 2 days in a row of losses.



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15 05 2011

OK. No, no, no, no. You won’t get more Western followers by cheering for the Canucks! Haven’t you heard that everyone in Canada outside of the Vancouver area hates the Canucks? Proof: http://www.vancouversun.com/sports/Opinion+Dear+rest+Canada+please+your+hockey+team/4769549/story.html

As a Canadian hockey fan, Canucks hatred is ingrained – like, from the womb. I’ll cheer for any team – ANY TEAM – to beat the Canucks. Sharks all the way, baby!

15 05 2011

So that is kinda like me being from Boston HATING the Montreal Canadians (with every bone in my body)!!! Love the city, hate the team. Sorry if our pick offended you…but we all have our opinions. I apologize, I just like the Canucks….don’t hold it against me please :)

15 05 2011

Hahaha! No offense taken – we battle the Canucks love all the time. All I can say is …. GO SHARKS!

17 05 2011


Thank you Mr. Kesler. That was amazeballs.

Please do every interview shirtless. AThankYou.

17 05 2011

I think there should be a rule. Every hockey player EVERYWHERE (unless they have a god awful beer belly—doubtful) needs to interview shirtless. Let’s make this happen.

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