What?! What do you mean no game tonight?!

16 05 2011

The NHL is totally toying with our emotions. They give us 2 Game 1’s in a row and then…nothing. A day off. Why a day off?! What’s the purpose of this?

It’s 9am and I’m already banging my head on my desk repeatedly. And to make matters worse, it’s Monday. No hockey tonight?! Ugh. That means absolutely nothing to look forward to, which means my work day will be crawling by. As if the Big Girl World wasn’t tough enough…

S is probably sitting in class right now ready to rip her hair out because she knows that when she gets home tonight she has nothing to distract her from doing her school work.

But don’t worry, tomorrow we will go back to being nervous wrecks and all will be right in the world again!



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