Take 2–I mean–Game 2…

17 05 2011

Alright, maybe Saturday night didn’t turn out to be the way I thought it would. (Why whatever do you mean?? It was a GLORIOUS night for me! -S)

S is a very happy girl right now...

*sigh* So…Tampa came out with the win. But…they didn’t just win. They straight up embarrassed us…AND IN OUR OWN HOUSE! Now, I’m not going to sit here and rip apart the Coaching Staff…or the boys…but I will give my opinion. It’s real simple. Play Baby Seguin more. Don’t quote me on it, but I’m pretty sure he scored Saturday night on his 3rd shift?? That would be his very first NHL Playoff goal. (Even I can admit I had a “proud mamma” moment -S)

Congrats, Baby Seguin...we're so proud of you!!

Now after scoring such a beautiful goal like that, you’d think Claude would play him more right?! Wrong. The poor boy had a whopping 9:38 and a total of 11 shifts.

Here’s another idea…put him on the pitiful power play. It sure wouldn’t make it any worse! (2/41–how awful) I swear it was like I was watching the Penguins play. (Now, I love my Pens –but you know as well as I do that their PP sucked.) Tampa has the best PK in the Playoffs right now and their power play is a hell of a lot better than the Bruins. (Let me interject here so I can mention for just a second how deep Tampa’s scoring chart is!! EVERYONE is getting in on the goal action -S)

Claude: Ohhhh, so that's what a PP looks like...

I may not be a coach, but I would certainly give #19 more ice time. Just sayin’. May backfire…but we won’t know until it happens! Oh and one more thing…no more of those cheap shots that land you with a Game Misconduct. Yes, I’m talking to you Mr. Lucic and Mr. Horton. (BBBOOOOO! Bad hockey manners! Some boys didn’t read those etiquette books momma gave them as kids… -S)

Behave boys!!

Tonight, the Big Bad Bruins are taking on the Bolts in Game 2 of the Eastern Conference Finals. It’s not quite the ‘must win’ atmosphere…but we’re getting close. The B’s have always been a comeback team…let’s hope they prove that tomorrow night. (Not even going to comment on that statement. All I can say is…Lightning can strike the same place twice, so get ready Boston! -S)

PS- S & I would also like to comment on something we saw the other night while watching the game. Coach McSteamy TOTALLY had a creeper:

Guy, I apologize for the horrid picture of you...but it's the only one we could find with her in it...

See that girl, yeah–her on the left. She had her camera fixed on him the entire night. It was kinda cute the first couple pictures…but once you got to the 3rd period…I think that’s borderline stalker status. But, I can’t exactly blame her… I totally hit stalker status at the Penguins game in March trying to steal pictures of Mr. How’s My Hair and J.Staaaaaaal (for S, of course–I got best friend of the year award) all night…




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17 05 2011

Creeper or no creeper, Guy Boucher is still one of the scariest people I’ve ever laid eyes on

17 05 2011

He’s definitely one of the more….intense…coaches I’ve seen. He must be doing something right though…look where they are!

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