We’ve had an epiphany…

17 05 2011

S and I have many many (mostly pointless) conversations everyday, but I think we’re finally on to something.

We’ve decided that we would willingly go into debt for the rest of our lives as long as it meant we could have Max Talbot as our neighbor. On our road trip to Pittsburgh this past March, it was hard not to scour the slopes on the Southside in search of his house. Thanks to HBO, we know what it looks like. I mean come on, how perfect of a neighbor would he be?!

We totally wouldn’t have to worry about him calling the cops if we threw a party because most likely, he’d be right there with us! And even better, he’d bring friends.

Dudes, party at the girls' house tonight!!

Another upside: Instant Handyman. S and I may know sports, but when it comes to fixing a toilet, sink, or washing machine….we’re pretty screwed.  Oh and don’t forget Bug Killer. The second I see something with more than 4 legs crawling around, I split. Max seems like the type of guy who wouldn’t mind getting his hands dirty for 2 young female neighbors.

Don't worry girls, I gotcha back.

And once we establish the friendship part of the neighbor relationship (which wouldn’t take long knowing his personality), we think he’d be the perfect late night movie & popcorn snuggler. One of us on each side of course!

My house or your's, ladies?

The list goes on and on. Street Hockey Buddy. One hell of a shopping buddy. And don’t forget, a great French Teacher (so I can land my man). If that doesn’t earn him the Best Neighbor Award, I’m sure this video will help you see where we’re coming from.

Try and listen to Your Love Is My Drug without thinking of Max now. It’s a challenge.

Dear Max,

If you’re reading this, we think you’d make the perfect neighbor. We’re really easy to get along with. Party with us, snuggle with us, play hockey with us, and kill bugs when we come running. That’s not so hard now, is it?!






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