NHL Hockey Player and–Musician?!

18 05 2011

I’m pretty sure if you ask anyone what my perfect guy would be, Matt Lashoff (@mattlashoff) would be the name they mention. (Ask S, she knows…combine an athlete + a guy with a voice and you have my future husband) I’ll admit, I haven’t given him much thought until–well, now. Who woulda thunk defenseman for the Leafs Nation was making an album on the side?! Not me. My focus around the Leafs has revolved around Mr. Lupul, but that may have to change next season.

I admit, I was skeptical when I heard he released an album because for some reason I don’t think Professional Hockey player and Musician belong in the same sentence. So I curiously went on iTunes and checked it out. Surprisingly, it’s pretty good! He even covers the Hockey Night in Canada theme song which automatically puts him at EPIC status. My second thought was that he was just singing someone else’s songs, but after some digging I found out he actually wrote 8 off the album.

So let me get this straight. Hockey Player. Musician. Singer. Poet?? DING DING DING! Ladies, we have a winner!

Yes. Please.



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