Pack your sunglasses and speedos boys…

18 05 2011

It’s off to TAMPA! Or what the Lightning marketing team likes to call “Hockey Paradise”

Tampa is more than ready for the return of their golden boys and to give the Bruins a not so friendly, rowdy welcome.

And really, who doesn’t want to travel to the sunshine state to play hockey? Especially with an arena like this! (With the weather acting the way it is up here, I’ll come to a game in Tampa willingly -L)

Pretty good view, eh?

Let’s talk shop. It is always interesting to see how a team handles momentum swings, such as a much needed win or the changing of cities mid series. Can Baby Seguin stay hot? Yes, in more than one way! I believe if coach gives him the minutes he will remain productive, much to my dismay. Thomas hasn’t been great for the Bruins but he has been reliable. With a highly offensive team like Tampa, the scores could be a lot uglier. Goals are coming from every line combination that Coach Boucher puts on the ice. My main concern is will Roloson rebound from an uncharacteristic less than perfect game 2. (I think it’s safe to say it wasn’t ALL the goalies fault on Tuesday. D definitely has to step it up on both ends -L)

But now for the biggest question of all…Will the Bruins feed off of their home victory Tuesday night? Or will the Lightning surge back with the help of their hometown crowd? Is it Thursday night at 8PM EST yet???? -S

So glad he is coming home to me ; )




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