What would you do with a house full of Penguins?!

22 05 2011

So I went to the movies last night the see Pirates 4 (…epic movie by the way) and the BEST movie trailer ever came on. I ran home and immediately told S to youtube it and marked my calendar for the day it comes out. I swear sometimes we share a brain because we totally both thought the same thing:

Can we have a house full of Penguins?!

No, not the feathery friends from Antartica (although, that’d be wicked bomb). But our Penguin boys: JStaal, Mr. How’s My Hair, Max, Flower, Sid, and our new personal favorite James Neal. Come on, watch the movie trailer and tell me you don’t wish the same thing. If I could sleep in a bed surrounded by them, I think that’d be heaven. If you don’t want to watch the whole thing, at least forward to the epic dance scene around 2:15 (we named the last Penguin on the left JStaal…because we think he may be the clumsy one on the team).

If you don’t laugh during that dance scene, something is wrong with you. We can totally picture our Penguin boys on center ice at Consol dancing to Vanilla Ice…can you?!

Now tell me, who’s going to see Mr. Poppers Penguins on June 17th?! I may have to rock my Pens hat…just for giggles.



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