No more chirping for L…

23 05 2011

Call me a bad fan…call me whatever you want…

But I refuse to believe that I’m the only Bruins fan out there who is rocking-back-and-forth-biting-their-lip nervous. Never in my lifetime have the B’s been in this position (well–they have, but I was 3). I would love nothing more than to witness my hometown team go to the Cup Finals, but the series is tied 2-2 and I’m starting to squirm.

Even if we were in Vancouver’s position (up 3-1) I’d be nervous. Look what happened to the Pens! Up 3-1 and then……..

….well, we know what happened….

We feel it too boys... *sigh*

See why I’m nervous? Anyway, tonight is Game 5 and instead of writing a post on why the Bruins will win…I’m going to sit back and zip my lips. I’ll even allow S to say whatever she wants about my boys without retaliation.

Make sure you check up on me every once and a while tonight…I’ll be holding my breath for 3 hours…

Dearest L, please don’t hold your breath for 3  hours…you will die and I kind of want to keep you around. Just stating the facts here ; )

Another fact that I don’t like is that I cannot talk about my boys individually in these intellectual musings anymore. Let’s look at the evidence from this weekend, shall we? I posted a feature on Steve Downie and Dana Tyrell. Who gets injured in game 4? Oh yeah, Downie and Tyrell. My bad! What I will say in order to pump myself up for game 5 tonight is that I believe that if this team plays with heart, they have the ability to beat anyone. The fans are excited and ready to see the next battle. Go Bolts!

...come on B's've officially been shown up by Tampa. Let's fix this. -L




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