3 down, 1 to go.

24 05 2011

*sigh* S, I really thought you guys had that game last night…what happened?!

Let me just say that if it weren’t for Timmy…we wouldn’t have a win to celebrate today. What the heck was the D doing?!

"See that puck out there?! Don't touch it. Don't even go near it. Timmy needs the exercise."

Ok…so maybe that’s not what Claude says, but according to the rest of the I-Hate-Claude Bandwagon…that’s what he’s telling them.

Oh yeah, and Baby Seguin..tisk-tisk…stop with the lame penalties. You make it extremely hard for me to defend you.

Anyway, my only fear is that Boucher is cooking up something for Game 6 and it’s making me very uneasy. My prediction was Bruins in 7…and I’m sticking by it. I firmly believe Tampa will win tomorrow night (maybe if I say it, I’ll jinx them). No, I’m not being negative. I’m being realistic. These are both great teams and we knew this series was going to be intense before it even started.

Sorry S, but I hope my boys come out with a W in this series. Tampa has already had their time with Lord Stanley. Time to share. (Doesn’t the Bruins organization have 5 stanley cup championships? The lightning are looking for their second. So really, it’s time for Boston to share – S) And with all this gloom & doom weather up here in Beantown, we could sure use some cheering up.

Let’s go Boston, if you don’t close it out tomorrow night…bring them back home for Game 7 and end it there. Either way, I’ll be happy. Let’s Go B’s!

Thank you Timmy! I love you! ...even if you do say stupid things in interviews...

Oh and one more thing!! Go Canucks! End it tonight boys! :) Love L & S




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