Canucks take the West…so who takes the East?!

25 05 2011

Congrats Vancouver! We called it in the beginning! At least we can say one of our predictions were right! S and I are so happy that we get to hear another round of your country’s national anthem in preparation for our trip in July.

Western Conference Champs!

And it certainly isn’t awful that we have to look at Mr. Kesler’s face in the Cup Finals…

At least there is a light at the end of this dark tunnel...

So if the Bruins lose I can’t say I’ll be too disappointed. And I’m sure the same goes for S. We love Ry-Ry…and come on, the Sedin twins are awesome.

Well…it’s back to Tampa for the ECF…

focus B's focu--ooohhh pretty palm trees!!!

I like to consider this D-day. The B’s have a chance to shut this series down tonight, but we all know that the B’s play like crap unless their backs are up against the wall (which is not quite the situation just yet). I’m hoping the more and more I say Tampa will win tonight, the more I jinx them (sorry S) and my boys come out with a W to move onto the Cup Finals.

Plus, I would like to give Baby Seguin a chance to let this thing he calls a “playoff beard” grow a little more…

Come on baby boy...we know you can do better than that...

I will be sitting at home in front of the TV at 8pm tonight chomping down on my lip and talking to myself while I watch my boys play. No more chirping…just praying. This is serious.

Yeah, do it for the fans...

Us Bostonian’s believe in you B’s. Black & Gold baby, Black & Gold.



2 responses

25 05 2011

The photo of Segin’s beard is awesome – the light makes it look transparent. He could use some eyebrow pencil to color it in. He and I are about the same shade of brunette, I could lend him one.

25 05 2011

HA! I just laughed out loud in my cubicle…that’s brilliant. I need to be there when you hand him your eyebrow pencil…

Can you picture his face?! …HAHAH!

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