Game 7, Baaaaby!

27 05 2011

Happy Game 7 of the ECF, everybody! There is nothing like watching a do or die game. Tonight will be the battle of the goalies. Who’s going to be flawless?

Stay in your cage Timmy--or it's the invisible fence collar for you!!

Tampa's favorite, Roli

I am in my element. Tonight, I bleed black & gold. I live for days like this! It’s one of those: sick to your stomach–bouncing your knee up & down–biting your lip–heart pounding–hard to breathe–rocking back & forth–kinda games that every hardcore fan loves (regardless of what they may say). Life can’t get any better today!

You can bet Vancouver will be sitting by their TV watching tonight’s game to see who they will be facing next Wednesday night. All of the East Coast will be holding their breath to see who will be representing the ECF in Lord Stanley’s Finals. Both teams are so close, they can taste it.

It's so shiny...

People are walking with a little more pep in their step here in Boston. We’re seeing the light after a long 20 years of nothing. Tampa’s dying the channel blue & creating human ‘bolts’ in support of their team. People who haven’t been watching the playoffs are now flipping on games just because it’s what everyone is talking about.

One team gets the W tonight. S & I are already shaking in anticipation. We’re little balls of energy who can’t sit still.


And just in case things go south (no pun intended) for Boston tonight…I should say this now while I’m still in a positive mood:

Good series, Tampa. It was everything I expected it to be! I will also be sending you my next hair salon bill so I can dye all the gray hairs I’ve acquired this past series…

Thanks a lot Bolts.




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