Game 7 Hangover

28 05 2011

Last night was one of the more stressful games I’ve ever watched. I was so nervous I couldn’t even drink. My head is still pounding and I think I found a new gray hair….

I thought for sure Tampa was going to score and the Bruins were going to lose. The Bolts had everyone in the Boston area shaking in their boots. Roli and Timmy played the best games of their careers. Both defenses were on point. It was an even game all 3 periods!

But Mr. Horton ended up getting 1 puck past Roli for the game-winning goal.

Good job Horton. You are Boston's hero.

I feel like this is dejà vu…didn’t he score the game-winning goal against the Habs in Game 7 too?? Anyway, you get ‘the jacket’ Mr. Horton.

As much as I want to hate Tampa with every bone in my body…I can’t. Stammer…you are the reason. I have this ongoing love/hate relationship with you. More so love than hate. When you score, a tiny part of me jumps for joy…

When this happened last night…


…while everyone else was laughing and making fun, my heart was pounding hoping he was ok.

like a BEAST...

...he skated right off the ice to go get a quick repair job

My heart swelled with pride when I heard he came back on the bench. There was no doubt his nose was absolutely shattered, but like a true hockey player he put the pain aside to try and help his team win there way to the Cup Finals.

I'm proud of you Stammer. You're a true champ!

I will miss watching Tampa play for the remainder of the Stanley Cup Playoffs. What a team. Great season boys!! L & S couldn’t be more proud!

Now, The Big Bad Bruins play the Vancouver Canucks for Lord Stanley. Without even having to ask S, I know her prediction. She’s probably on right now buying all the ‘nucks gear she can find. This is where 10 years of friendship pays off…I can tell you she’s predicting the Canucks in 4. She’s hoping the Bruins choke and Vancouver sweeps them.

Well…I can’t say I disagree with her prediction. I’m thinking Canucks in 5. My poor Bruins are going to get a rude awakening. Vancouver is just too good this season.

In order to lessen the chance of a heartache…I’m going to try and stay as neutral as I can through this next round. That way I won’t be disappointed/heartbroken/depressed when the Canucks win. And I can watch the games while being relaxed instead of ripping my hair out!

Sorry Bruins, I’m happy you made it this far…but I don’t think you have a prayer of making it past Vancouver.

So, Go Bruins! Go Canucks! I’m happy either way! (I hope)




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