I can’t even put my thoughts in writing right now…

28 05 2011

Did that really just happen??  …I can’t even think straight. My blood pressure needs to come back down, I need to stop shaking, my heart needs to settle down, and my stomach needs to stop yelling at me.

Thank god for Chuck from WUYS for being with me tonight or else I’m not sure I would have survived.

Well Vancouver, you now know who you will be facing next wednesday…

Congrats B's!!

I’m going to let this night marinate until morning before I post anything big.

Dear Tampa Bay Lightning,

I really like you as a team and I mean that sincerely. This whole series I’ve defended your team here in Boston, trying to show as much respect for you as I could. I wish that both you and the B’s could join forces and go beat Vancouver for Lord Stanley together. As much as I want to be so happy for the B’s…a part of me is disappointed for you. You threw everything but the kitchen sink in that game tonight and I’ll remember it forever. Congrats on your amazing season Tampa. You’ve officially turned your city back into a Hockey Town!






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