We want the cup!

8 06 2011

Happy Game 4 of the Stanley Cup Finals everyone! :)

Who wants it more?

I’m hoping the fire that Vancouver started on Monday night somehow carries over to tonight. Before the series started, I thought the B’s had about a snowball’s chance in hell of winning Lord Stanley…but now, I’m not so sure. I think the B’s left the bullies feeling bullied. Mr. Kesler looked like he either wanted to put his fist through a wall…or cry. And Loungo’s head still must be spinning. But then again, I also called for the Canucks to win it in 5.

No predictions from me anymore, because I honestly don’t know what will happen.

Now the bigger question is…who goes in for Horton? Baby Seguin?

You want a picture of me? Wait, get my good side!

Anyone else see another P.Kane in the making??

I'm a P.I.M.P

It’s ok P.Kane…S & I love you even if you do make stupid mistakes. You’re a beast on the ice and that’s all that matters. You also make us smile, so you’ve won over our hearts.



2 responses

8 06 2011

OK …. this is hard for me to admit – Patrick Kane is kind of a sexy beast. WHAT IS HAPPENING TO ME??? First admitting Bieksa and Kesler are hawt as a Canucks hater, and now Kane? Bah. I need a summer away from hockey to cool my jets.

8 06 2011

Girl, I am right there with ya. This ‘hockey love’ is quickly turning into a ‘hockey obsession’ –the off season will only do us some good…

…only to have it start up again in October…

I fully expect to go into withdrawls after the NHL Awards…it wont be pretty. My Pens withdrawls sort of subsided…but NO HOCKEY until October–ekk…gonna be rough.

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