Watch out, Tampa!

10 06 2011

–or should I say watch out, Stamkos??

S is getting ready to pick her internship locations–Tampa is obviously on her list. She says something about a great place to intern blah blah blah, but I’m calling her bluff. She wants to move to Tampa for the same reason why we want to move to Pittsburgh (Crosby/Letang/Staal/Talbot) or Toronto (Lupul) or Vancouver (Kesler) or Nashville (Mr.Underwood) or Washington (Laich/Green) or–well–you get the idea…

After watching this video and doing some research…I think S knows just which neighborhoods to look into when it comes time for apartment hunting.

So Stammer, if you find an SUV slowly driving past your house every night…don’t be alarmed. Don’t call the cops. Go outside and say hi. Maybe buy her a dinner…or maybe a movie night?? Or maybe let her use the second sink in the bathroom?? ;)

Anyway, I’m counting down the seconds before I get a bbm from S saying how much she hates me for posting this. It’s times like these I thank the lord for the 1,000+ miles that stand between us because then I can get away with it ;)

Love you girl…just needed to make you smile today




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