History Will Be Made…Tonight.

13 06 2011

Whether you are rooting on the Canucks, the Bruins, or neither and are just watching because your teams are out–there is no denying that history will be made tonight at the Garden.

Today, the Cup Caretakers are spit shining Lord Stanley just in case Vancouver ends the series tonight, clinching their first ever Stanley Cup!

All Hail Lord Stanley!

PS– being a Stanley Cup Caretaker is now on my Bucket List. How can I do it??

On the other hand: the Bruins have a chance to win tonight sending the series to a Game 7 which would then give them a chance to end the Stanley Cup drought that has plagued the hockey club since 1972.

Both teams can taste it–you can see the hunger in each and every players’ eyes. They want it. The fans want it. The cities want it. And they want it bad.

Vancouver is already planning their parade route while Boston is washing the Duck Boats.

Quack! Quack!

So, may the best team win.

Dear God, let it be the B’s.





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