Happy Birthday, S!

14 06 2011

Today is S’ birthday and we are just so excited. No…not because it’s her birthday–I mean come on, she has one every year! But it’s because our one month countdown to our EPIC long weekend vacation to the Great White North begins! Bonus points if you can guess which Province and City we are going too! (And no cheating for those of you who follow our personal Twitter accounts.)

Anyway, even though we’re more excited for our vacation…I still believe she deserves her very own birthday post. I thought about it all night: What am I going to post for her birthday?!

Then it came to me. A whole post dedicated to her man, JStaal. If there is one thing that will put a huge smile on her face (or give her a heartattack) it’s him.

I know for a fact she has seen these videos (multiple times), but I know she loves them. So let’s start off with the Weekend with the Staal Brothers.  She may love JStaal…but really she’ll take any Staal.

S, as your best friend, you’re not allowed to watch any of these until AFTER you get home from class.

And to put the cherry on top, let’s end with some of her favorite pictures shall we?

I know for a fact if JStaal showed up on Christmas with a Santa hat on, I’d no longer have a best friend…she’d drop dead.

Have you been naughty?? Or nice??

And watch out: JStaal playing with kids = ovaries in pain. He’s not even “mine” and I swoon every time I see it.

"Let's make this nice so S can hang it in her new condo!"

There’s just something about his swagger that’s captivating. A cocky, yet humble, mix. He walks around like he knows he’s good but then turns around in an interview and is a humble guy. Must be a Canadian thing.

"It's S' birthday today...I should surprise her."

I know last night I posted that she wanted Rick Nash to show up at her doorstep…but I was lying. Her real birthday wish involves JStaal, a plane ticket to Thunder Bay, and a diamond ring. (don’t we all wish.)

Happy Birthday S! I love you! And so does JStaal–he just doesn’t realize it yet…

"I think she's kinda cute..."




2 responses

14 06 2011

L, you are the greatest friend EVER! Best post yet!

14 06 2011

Wahoo! Best Friend Award!!! *takes a bow* Thank you. Thank you.

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