Operation: Find Lord Stanley

17 06 2011

…is to commence tonight as soon as I get out of work. Drive home, pick up friends, grab the T, and begin.

where are youuuuu?!

Booked my hotel room. Packed my bag. And set my route–well, sort of.If anyone has any suggestions as to where you think we should try to hit up…let me know via comments/twitter.

As of 6pm tonight, I will be scouring the streets of Boston with friends to catch a glimpse of the world’s coolest/shiniest “cup”. We’re pretty stoked. Dad graciously let us use his hotel points–seeing as we’re broke college/ex-college kids. We’ll pack a bag full of energy bars & water and then be on our way.

Sleep is somewhat on the agenda tonight. But as soon as 4am strikes the clock, we’re back on the road to find our parade spot. Dedicated?–yep. I won’t be posting any Stanley Cup action until Sunday morning…so if you need updates, follow our Twitter.

PS- Big Z, Bergy, and Timmmay have 13 hours to get the Cup back to Boston from NYC. The Today Show totally threw a wrench in my plans for tonight and I am not happy. This thing needs a GPS Tracker on it.




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