Why we love hockey players…

20 06 2011

I know for a fact S will LOVE this post. This blog has been dominated by the Bruins so I needed to make my best friend smile (and myself) by posting her favorite boys (and mine).

So. Why do we love hockey players?! Well…here’s our reasoning.

For some reason, hockey players + animals receive the same reaction as hockey players + little kids…you just melt.

PS – I’d give anything to be that cat under Tanger’s hand (2:45 into the vid). ME-OW! He can scratch my head any day…I’ll be just as content & cuddly. And he can take me  home any time…

How about their artist abilities. You don’t see football, baseball, or basketball players sitting down at a table and painting. Although, I must admit…I’ve never actually looked to see if they have. So I could totally be lying…

Cookie, Tanger, Dupper, and Max may have a future in the world of an artist if all fails as a hockey player…

You gotta love the pranks they play on each other. Poor Biz, that guy is hilarious…

Anyone wonder if Biz retaliated?? I’d like to know what happened after the game…

I didn’t post this next video because it’s my favorite boy (and husband)…I posted it because it’s actually my favorite hockey fight I’ve seen yet. Ok…so maybe I am a little biased. But I’m sure you all won’t complain. My favorite thing about hockey players is their toughness on the ice.

…excuse me while I go recover from the heart attack I just had…

And dontcha love how persuasive they can be…

I have never given blood, and I don’t really plan to. But if JStaal stood in front of me and asked just as nicely (and sexy—sorry S) as this…I’d so it.

And no other athlete has a hockey player’s body. Not quite sure how they get the body they do, but I’d like a written work out plan for anyone I start dating (does that sound shallow?? –yeah, it probably does…my apologies).

So, tell me…why do YOU love hockey players??



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