Did someone call for a party??

21 06 2011

Multiple times this past off season, we’ve been shown just how hard hockey players party…

Well, here’s some more proof.

Shawn Thornton + $100,000 bottle Champagne. Yup.

I would have killed to be the cocktail waitresses at Foxwoods that got to split the $25,000 tip.

Hold your breath ladies, this is some good stuff here…

dancing on top of the bar together?

"Yes, we're that good looking"

I feel like this is something out of a Village People video…Macho, Macho mannnn….

Hello, PKane 2.0

Alcohol + Baby Seguin = no shirt…

Oh Luuc

Apparently, the same goes for Lucic too…but hey, who’s complaining?

So Biz, Lupul, and a few others still hold the record for highest bar tab this season ($180,000-ish), but the Bruins boys are pretty darn close.

Why wasn't I invited?

Good job, boys! We, here at Hockey’s Finest, are impressed.



2 responses

22 06 2011

Holy moses baby seguin’s pants are riding low! My heart is all a flutter.

22 06 2011

Try being the one *trying* to keep the comments under the picture PG…I was trying to claw my way through my computer screen the whole time…

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