Wheeling and Dealing

25 06 2011

The girls here at Hockey’s Finest would like to extend a congratulations to the league on yet another great NHL Entry Draft.

Some of the highlights:

-Seeing those boys put on their new jerseys and ball caps

-Watching all the proud mommas tearing up in the audience

-The ticker at the bottom of the screen updating fans on all the trade news (DRAMA CENTRAL!)

-Witnessing the first draft pick for the Winnipeg JETS 2.0 franchise

– And last, but certainly not least, Gabriel Landeskog

Couldn't Resist

Which brings us to the main point of this post. To all the draftees…Welcome to the big leagues boys! We look forward to watching you develop as men and hockey players! Love always, S & L

Fresh Meat



2 responses

25 06 2011

Holy smokes. Now I’m kinda mad at myself for missing all this beautiful-ness. He is –is–well…beautiful.

Well written post, S. I loved it. Thanks for holding down the fort while I had my weekend of fun.

26 06 2011

I’m with Laura. I had the highlights of the combine on my PVR and deleted it. Had I known Landeskog would be almost without clothes, I would have drooled all over my television. Fresh meat is right!

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