Break. Our. Hearts.

3 07 2011

We needed a day to process all this. And even after a day–we still can’t find anything to say…

bittersweet deal

Max will always be supported by the Hockey’s Finest girls. Doesn’t matter what sweater he’s wearing. We may even watch a few games –just for him. And to break our hearts even more…


Max will never be a traitor to us. It’s part of the territory–you do what’s best for you. And if Philly gets him to where he needs to be, well…we’ll be behind him. I will personally miss driving through the Southside next winter looking for his house (Hey S–watch us find it now…). I will also miss our chance of being his neighbor–because you won’t catch me dead in Philly.

To the Pens fans–don’t take this out on Max. He’s not a traitor. Take you’re frustrations out on Jagr…he’s the one who led you all on.

On a brighter note: Congrats to Rupper going to the Rangers! We think he’ll be a great fit and couldn’t be happier for him.




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