Trivia Tuesday: A day early…

12 07 2011

We’re posting a little early because S & I are super busy this week. Read on to find out why.

Trivia Tuesday: Hockey’s Finest Field Trip Edition

A couple weeks ago, in a Trivia Tuesday post, we asked where Stammer & Downie train during the off season. For those of you who don’t know the answer, well…here it is. TORONTO

We are beyond excited.

Watch out, Toronto! L&S are on their way!

We’re 2 days away from boarding Air Canada to make our way to TO for a girls weekend. My data plan is blowing up from all the bbm’s between S & I and my Canadian friends. My suitcase is overflowing–therefore, the rest of the 2 days are dedicated to downsizing a bit. S starts her travels Wednesday 12pm, while I start at 5am on Thursday. Field trip anyone?!

Somewhere between the millions of places we’re going to eat at, the Jay’s game (figures, S&I can’t be together without a sporting event in the mix), the Toronto Islands for some beach time, shopping & some job interviews (yes, I am looking to move to TO)…S & I will have our eyes peeled for Stammer & Downie. Afterall, they are best friends…just like us. Perfect going out buddies–night at Dolce anyone?? S has already called dibs on Downie, so…*snaps fingers* shucks–I get Stammer.

I think that may have been the first time S & I haven’t argued over who gets who. Thanks S!

Anyway, wish us luck on trying to find the world’s perfect tour guides!

"We're the two best friends that anyone could have. And we'll never ever ever ever leave each other..."

We’ll update everyone on the weekend escapades when we get back next week. I’m sure we’ll have some stories to tell.



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