Boston & Florida take Toronto: Part Un

18 07 2011

So *sighs heavily* we’re back in the States. We have so much to tell you all that we’ve decided to break our weekend recap segment up into parts: Part Un, Part Deux, Part Trois, et Part Quatre. (ha–clever, I know) We’ll post one part every day until we cover everything. Make sure you read all of them in order…& I promise, the last one is the best one. Be patient readers, we’ll get there.

Day Un

Both S & I had a 4am wake up call to get to the airports–talk about brutal. Our wheels hit the beautiful Canadian soil at 10:45am which means we still had most of the day to cause trouble explore. In true S & L fashion — our first adventure started the second we landed.

Rule #1 of traveling: Make sure you check the whole address before deciding that is the place to stay. Where we thought we would be was much different than where we actually were.

We wanted to be down by the water....but we happened to be North & just by Toronto University

Since we originally thought we’d be able to walk everywhere–our first task was to find out a way to make our way through the city. Subway. (And what L fails to mention here, is that she HATES trains. So proud of her for conquering her fear and both of us for not getting lost–Not even ONCE! -S)

A million times easier than Boston--thank god.

Anyway, we decided to make our very first day in Toronto dedicated to the thing we love the most…sports. Our first stop was Wayne Gretzky’s restaurant.

Rooftop patio...pure bliss.

Forgetting the fact that out waitress hated us (no really–she did)…it was a great restaurant & if you’re in the area I suggest you check it out.

Next stop was the Rogers Centre for the Jays game.

Proof that we can't travel together without going to a sporting event.

S took me literally when I said “cheap tickets” –level 500 & one loooooooong walk up the stadium but so worth it & I wouldn’t have changed a thing. The view was unreal. (I try…and I usually succeed. -S)

Something I'm not sure I'll ever forget...

Now, here is where we have a bit of a confession for you all. We cheated. We cheated on our Hockey Husbands for the night. JStaal & Tanger didn’t cross our minds once. GASP! The reason?? Well…2 Jays caught our eye.

#2–Aaron Hill & #26–Adam Lind

S' boy Adam Lind beauty--Aaron Hill

Just like always… S & I end up always picking friends. These two were side-by-side the whole night. Just like JStall & Tanger or Stamkos & Downie. I swear someday S & I will marry best friends & live happily ever after. Anyway…we have our own “girl code” when it comes to calling dibs on athletes. He ain’t “yours” until you got his number on your back. (Kind of archaic but a firm, and sometimes funny, rule none the less -S) So the next morning, after my job interview (mwhaha–Toronto ain’t ready for me), we headed back to the Rogers Centre Pro Shop & claimed our boys. Hill is mine & S has Lind. It’s a done deal now. No trades are allowed. I may have to start watching baseball more often …

MONEY SHOT! Cha-ching!

S & I LOVE baseball uniforms...

To bring our first day to a close…we hit up RealSports ( or @realsports). Voted the #1 Sports Bar in North America. Trust me, this place is a must-see. 2-story TV screen & about 99 other screens around the bar. And if that isn’t enough–the beautiful, sports-loving, Canadian boys seem to flock in 3’s to this place. (It’s the updated and much more entertaining version of Noah’s Ark- S) The very first time we went back in March–I swear we got whip lash.

huge bar. good food. epic drinks. great staff. awesome canadians.

everyone should go visit.

Finally, we wanted to do a little something. Each night (or ‘morning after’) we picked a song that best summed up the previous day. Here is Day Un.

(I am pretty sure we busted into a fit of giggles and thoughts of good old Max when this song played at RealSports-S)

Make sure you check back tomorrow for Boston & Florida take Toronto: Part Deux



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19 07 2011

I LOVE that you guys came to Canada! Canada loves you. Seriously, so awesome! Can’t wait to see how more of the trip went.

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