Boston & Florida take Toronto: Part Trois

20 07 2011

Day Trois

As always, our vacations just get better & more interesting as time goes on…

We decided to take a ferry over to the Toronto Islands in the morning for some needed beach time. But even a beach trip couldn’t be normal…

We made our way to Hanlon’s Point–hoping & praying that what we had read was just a myth. Unfortunately, we were wrong.


Our stay the past couple of days had not been what we expected on the guy front. That being said, we definitely didn’t want to see them naked (Especially since they all seemed to be over the age of 60 -S). So God must have been watching over us because then he pointed us in this direction:


I’d like to say we were safe on our side of the beach, but look to our left once and our eyes burned. Once we decided we had seen enough naked people to last us a lifetime, we decided to head back to the mainland in search for some good ‘ole Poutine. Our noses brought us to an adorable little sports bar called Hoops–the food was delicious. Since this would be our last night in town, S had the brilliant idea of a bar crawl ending back at this bar for some late night Poutine to send us home with our belly’s full. We were also told that “this is the place to go between 12am-2am” — sounds familiar, eh?? (::cough::RealSports::cough::) But we decided to give it a shot anyway (We really should have just ended the day here. -S).

Back to the hotel it was to get ourselves ready for our last night out. Hemingway’s was our first stop– apparently, it’s where all the business men hit up to kick back and relax after a long week (Like suit-monkeys are even our type…NOT! -S). Let me just mention that we had declared this night a wine night. Keep that in mind as you read on. This place was such a bust, it’s not even funny. We decided to finish our bottle (Yes–we ordered a whole bottle. It was the only thing that was going to save us…) and make an early exit to our next bar.

Next stop was Madison’s Avenue–another “hit” according to a waitress we had that weekend. Another bust. Little to zero good wine selections & our “gay-dar” was going off…that or French Canadians are very touchy-feely with each other. Anyway, on any other night, that would have been a blast but tonight we were on a mission. We barely finished our 1 glass of wine–which by the way was the smallest glass I’ve ever seen on the face of the planet…

uhhh...where's the rest of the glass??

We ran out of there so fast–no, really…we ran–and headed back on the subway for what we thought we were going to call an “early night”. We made our way back to Hoops for our “late night” poutine fix (which didn’t actually happen “late” at all).

NOTE: notice the switch in beverage choices.

Only Beer & Liquor could fix this disaster of a night…

The bartender must have noticed our self-esteems were down & decided to “help us out”. He told us that this wasn’t exactly the area we wanted to be in but that there was a fun little bar just down the street that we may like. To be honest–this is the part in the night where things get blurry & I have no idea what the name of the place is (All I know is that it sounded Irish…I think -S).

Anyway, I’m stopping this post here because well–our last night ended on our last morning (3am). We’ll pick up the last part of the “night” during Part quatre tomorrow morning. :)

So, to be continued…

Oh and also, this song came on while we were eating Poutine the second time for the night. Once it came on, we knew it was time to leave.

Our first thoughts had something to do with Mike Comrie. *smashes head repeatedly against a wall* That’s when we knew that it just wasn’t our night…




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