Excuse us while we go laugh…

20 07 2011

I was checking my personal twitter when I saw Pens Universe (@pensuniverse) tweet this:

Simple, easy question.

And then I saw this answer…

Staalsy?? Highest IQ?!

I immediately had to text S & tell her that her man was suggested as a player with the highest IQ. Her response??

“My poor baby. Everyone knows he’s dumb. I love his golden retriever personality”

I mean really, out of everyone on the team–Staal is picked as one of the players with the highest IQ?? We love you JStaal–really, we do. You make the hockey season oh, so fun.

But we also know you ain't the sharpest Staal in the bunch...

I also know that when S buys her own dog, it will be a Goldendoodle. Raise your hands if she should name him Jordan!! *OH! ME ME ME!! I DO I DO I DO!*

I is smart.

You keep doing what you do, JStaal. It’s obviously working.

UPDATE: Thanks to one loyal reader pointing out our flawed post (no really, thank you!) …we take back half this post. Please excuse my reading abilities this week as S & I are still in that “hangover” haze from our weekend in Toronto. I read the tweet wrong. My apologies…but I do stand by what I said about Staalsy. :) -L




4 responses

21 07 2011

Your best post yet L! I read this and died laughing! Oh my Gronk…

21 07 2011

I seriously can’t wait till you come home with a Goldendoodle….

21 07 2011

Um… judging by the ~ I think they meant
Most skilled: Crosby
Most athletic: Adams & Staal
Highest IQ: Crosby
Hardest hitter: Orpik

But I have to agree with this post & it made me laugh for 10 mins! He may not be the sharpest Staal, but he is the most adorable!

21 07 2011

Oh my god. Just re-read the tweet. You’re so right. My apologies…S & I are still hungover from our weekend escapades. Our brains aren’t working correctly…

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