Boston & Florida take Toronto: Part Quatre

21 07 2011

Well Ladies & Gents, this is our last part to go through. Make sure you read to the end, it’s the best part…

Day Trois/Quatre

Like I said in the last post, Day 3 never really ended. It just kind of blurred into Day 4 & before we knew it we were back at Pearson on our way home. But before we get to that–I have to send out a shout out to our 3 Canadian boys from Kitchener/Waterloo who entertained us on our last stop of the night. I’m positive one was named Andrew…the other two were–uhh– Justin? Or was it John?? (Jaime the Ginger! That’s how I remembered it -S) And I feel like there was a Mike in there too. Well anyway, if you’re from the Kitchener area & you know of 3 guys who partied until the wee hours of the morning in Toronto with 2 American girls, tell them we say hi.

On a side note: we learned one thing when hanging with these boys…

If someone offers you a “Polar Bear” — just say no. BLEH! Most disgusting thing ever. Also, if you’re given the chance, order a Pornstar. It may look like toliet bowl cleaner–but it is AMAZING. (I was the brave soul who ordered that first and got all the teasing until they tried it -S)

So–Day 3/4 ended around 3am when S&I decided it’s probably best that we shut our eyes for at least 2 or 3 hours before our flights. We arrived at the airport around 7am & let me just say, everything Biznasty, JLupul, & other players have said about Pearson…is true. (We should have just stayed. I was hungover and the customs lines were WAYYYY too long -S)

he's not lying...

Anyway, S&I parted ways & went to our different terminals way too soon. She totally missed the best part of the vacation. About 20 minutes before my flight to Montreal boarded, you will NEVER guess who appeared at my gate…

ahaha this actually happened. here's proof.

Yup. 2 Pittsburgh Penguins prospects on their way home from Development Camp & I was the lucky girl who got to see them. Let me tell you, they look even better in person. I quickly did a little fan-girl squeal in my headbefore snapping a picture while they weren’t looking (sneaky, I know…). (And texting me all about it. I was ready to bite the bullet and just buy a ticket to Montreal! -S)

I’d be lying if I said they didn’t look my way…but I’m pretty sure it was because of the way I was dressed. You had to see it. I looked like a young girl who had just had the longest night ever & then had to wake up for an early flight the next morning….oh wait–

I sat there self-consciously in my Roots sweatpants (which look huge on me thanks to the “boyfriend” style), my Aaron Hill Jay’s shirt, and my Leafs hat as they looked my way & snickered. I looked like a walking Billboard for Toronto. No doubt they knew I was watching them, but I didn’t care–when would I ever see them again? Like any good girl, I resisted the urge to ask for an autograph & picture…instead I just snuck a peak of them sleeping on the plane. Yes, they looked like adorable sleeping puppies.

Day 4’s song is the best yet…

Hope you enjoyed reading about our vacation just as much as we enjoyed living it.



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