The perfect heat wave cure..

24 07 2011

Well, I don’t know about the rest of the country but Boston has been unbearable the past few days. It was 109 degrees on the highway when I was driving home from work on friday. How is that possible? I literally feel like I’ve spent the last week in hell–and I was sitting right next to Satan. Anyway, I was desperate for anything to take my mind off the heat & I think I found the perfect thing.

I logged onto my gmail & went through all the past emails S sent me. Like I’ve said in the past…she stumbles upon some great stuff.

I pictured myself on the “Penguins Bobsledding Team” during the 2014 Winter Olympics…if that doesn’t cool you down, I’m not sure what will…

But on the flip side…when I think of the Penguins…I think of:


and I think of:


annnnnnnnnd this guy…

So hot. Like HELL hot! PHEW!

And so after thinking of them, the cooling trick I tried earlier has worn off and I’m back to being hot again…*sigh* Is it October 6th yet?!  I miss our boys!




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