Trivia Tuesday: Steven does the TB Community good!

25 07 2011

What makes our heart melt?

Seeing our NHL boys getting out in the community and giving back to the fans! Prime example = Steven Stamkos.

One minute he is all…

51 goals. NBD.

(Can we pan that picture over to the right just a bit? Thanks… -L) 

The next he is having a boys night out to support fellow Tampa Bay area athletes. (A hockey player–in a baseball uniform?! YUM! -L)

Team Bonding. Let's hug it out!

This week he hosted a community toy drive and was personally present to collect the gifts.

What was I saying again?

Then he spent time at the local children’s hospital distributing those gifts in celebration of Christmas in July. (Ovaries……ouchie -L) 

Completely adorable!

I can only imagine how many people he made smile at these events. Keep up the good work Steven! You make the girls at Hockey’s Finest very proud! (Can I just take a second to comment on his HAIR!!! AHH! Hockey hair! I pray he doesn’t cut it before the season. And good lord–take off the hat and show it! Or better yet, let me run my fingers through it… -L)




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