Because Lindsay asked…

26 07 2011

I guess this post should come with a warning too. WARNING: Too sexy for a shirt. Part TOEWS! 

Well, that last post caught the attention of one reader, fairly quickly, who nicely asked:

Sure! No problem!

So I decided I’d help her out. Here you go, girl! Ask and you shall recieve!

...too sexy for a shirt.

And just an overall cute picture


Ok ladies, we are now open for requests. Whatcha got? Or rather, who would you like to see? I’ll see what S & I can dig up…



4 responses

26 07 2011

I’m not even going to answer that last question – because you know what my answer will be. :)

You girls ROCK! This totally made my day. A Jonathan Toews shirtless post just for ME? I’m tickled pink.

26 07 2011

You are great! YOU just made my day. “tickled pink” –hahaha I laughed for a while. You’re very welcome. Just ask & we’ll do our best ;)

PS– had you seen those pics before?? If you havent, DOUBLE SCORE!

27 07 2011

Two words: Staal Brothers :)

28 07 2011

you got it! :)

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