WARNING!! Too sexy for a shirt…

26 07 2011

Hi there! This is L’s dog, Blizzard. She has fainted, but I wanted to share why…

all I heard was a "thud"

While she was disappointed to hear about his new “girl”, she’s happy these pictures surfaced. Hello hair. Hello Abs. Hello muscles. Hello Tattoo…

…and how about those board shorts. Only he could pull them off. Lookin’ fly, Tanger. L approves.




2 responses

26 07 2011

I think Letang is allergic to cotton, rayon, polyester, silk, cashmere and any other materials that make up shirts.

On a side note, where are the photos of Jonathan Toews with no shirt on??? These Tanger sans shirts photos make me jealous for Tazer chest sightings.

26 07 2011

I can’t believe I stumbled upon these. It’s like winning the jackpot! Poor guy though for having them leaked. :(

And to your Toews point, we posted a shirtless Tazer photo last week! Or rather, S did! There are others. I’ll make a special post just for you ;)

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