Ask, and you shall receive!

27 07 2011

Carlay, I owe this all to you! Your request for the Staal brothers gave us good luck today. YAHOOO! (Thank god for Tumblr. That is all. -L)

Um, Jordan has the boat I want...

The crew at Bauer got to hang out with the boys on the water today. Who is jealous? I know I am! How can I find myself a job with perks like that?! (I say we quit our jobs & go walk into Bauer, Reebok, hell–why not the NHL & not leave until we come out with a paycheck …. just a thought…. -L)

Eric caught the first fish.

Can’t wait for the offseason to wrap up so we can see more of these boys! Until then, I will just have to be thankful to Bauer for at least getting us this glimpse into their summer lives.

Marc : )



One response

28 07 2011

This made my day 100% better! The things I would give up to be on that boat…..
No boating for Jared? Poor Jared!

You two definetly need to go through with the job plan. That way you could give us all the secrets & hopefully some awesome pictures!

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