God Bless @BauerHockey

29 07 2011

Thanks to @BauerHockey (make sure you follow– Baby Seguin & the Cup are their next feature) I’ve had to check on S all day long to make sure she was still alive. Sometimes just 1 Staal Brother is enough to get her going…so I figured 3 may be hard for her to handle. ;) The past two days have been spent following around the best brothers in all of the NHL. We know we did a Staal Love post yesterday, but come on–you can never have enough Staal. I also know that S will LOVE me for this post. So, here we go.

Day 2 with the Staal Brothers

8:30am this was posted

I completely ‘fangirl’ed and bbm’d S yelling (however you can yell via bbm) at her to wake up. There’s no way I could let my best friend sleep this day away. And boy did I tell her to wake up just in time, because soon enough–this happened:

so precious...

The most amazing moment was caught on camera thanks to Bauer. Eric’s son skated for the very first time. Que the ‘aww’ chorus.

Then this beauty showed up on my twitter feed causing me to check and make sure my best friend was still kicking down in the Sunshine State:

Strike a pose JStaal

Thankfully, S survived today fairly well besides a few ‘fangirl’ bbms. She totally handled this better than I did the shirtless Letang pics a few days ago. I’m still trying to get my heart rate back to normal.

PS– This is our 100th post!! YAY! And we also have to thank all of you for reading. We’ve now reached over 5,000 views in just over 2 months! That’s huge! You guys are great and make our lives so much fun :) Love, L & S

PPS — totally buying this shirt for S for her xmas present…

"Just Give Me A Staal"

...This pretty much sums up S' life...




2 responses

29 07 2011

OMGee! That shirt is AWESOME!
Fangirl is the word of my LIFE.

29 07 2011

I wonder where I can get it….

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