We miss your face.

31 07 2011

Max, you’re killing us.

"Girls, I know you miss me--but you'll still see me."

These pictures were just what we needed. A little Talbot love.

"...oh, you miss me that much? Well, let me cancel my plans--I'll be right over..."

It won’t be the same without you in the Black & Vegas Gold sweater next season…but we’ll take any Talbot over no Talbot at all…

"What do you mean I won't be able to sneakily stare at L & S at Southpointe?!?" *heavy sigh*

And we miss staring at you too, Max. We’ll miss your super flirty attitude & your gritty play. Don’t ever change. We love you just the way you are…

"Oh yeah, the Hockey's Finest girls will love it. Send it on over."




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