My best friend has a sense of humor…

2 08 2011

Sometimes S likes to remind me just how funny/clever she can be. Well, today starts my birthday month & S mailed my card so it would show up for the 1st of the month. Perfect, right? You’re only 22 days early, S…but better now, than never… ;)

From: Mrs. Sarah Staal .... To: Mrs. Lauren Letang

Yeah…it made me giggle like a little girl & prance around the house for a little bit. This just shows you that even 22 year olds can act like 13 year old teenage girls…

I miss you, S. Even though I just saw you 2 weeks ago…

Thanks for the SUPER early birthday card. You rock!

Love, L

P.S. —  just in case you all wanted to know (which I know you dont)….it’s S & I’s 10 year Friendaversary this month!! WAHOO!




2 responses

2 08 2011

do not feel bad about doing this, its often also my dad (whos already over his 22s) who throws jokes like this. i sometimes have to stare at him asking myself if hes serious

2 08 2011

I like your dad’s style :) sounds like a good man! -L

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