Countdown to the Regular Season: 63 days

4 08 2011

Well…we’re getting antsy over here–so maybe this idea is more for our benefit than yours–but we’ve decided to countdown to the regular season in a fun way! We picked out our favorite players (basically everyone in the NHL) and put a list together by their number. Most days–we have a player, others however, we do not. So, let’s get started.

Today, there is BRAD MARCHAND days left until puck drop.

This boy is going to need all 82 games of the regular season in order to recover from his Stanley Cup hangover.

I've said it once...and I'll say it again-- we LOVE tumblr...

Really, I’m not joking. This boy has spent 80% of his time with no shirt on and a bottle of some sort of adult beverage in his hand. Now…I don’t keep tabs on Marchy…but has he returned to the ice for practice yet?? Who knows! But hey, if I had just won the Stanley Cup I’m pretty sure I’d be doing the SAME EXACT THING. Just like us girls here at Hockey’s Finest–he’s not afraid to have fun & make a fool of himself… (coughcough::vacation to Pittsburgh & Toronto::coughcough) (Whatever are you talking about L? We are nothing but class, ALL the time! -S)

"black & yellow, black & yellow, black & yellow...."

Well, Marchy–you’ve kicked off our countdown & we’re excited. Remember–the trick to recovering from a hangover is lots of sleep, fluids (like water–no vodka), and lots and lots of pain killers…since you’ll be dying during those early morning workouts any day now. Oh and try to keep your shirt on

63 days left boys & girls…are you ready?! This will be the best countdown EVER!



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