Countdown: 61 days

6 08 2011

Back to the countdown Ladies & Gents. Like we said before…most days we have someone, others we don’t.

Today there is RICK NASH days left until puck drop. Time to make S drool all over her keyboard. Ready. Set. GO! (ASKDjhlussfAKJAJSFpfffffffffffffffffff- S)

Pretty sure she has January 24th bold, highlighted, *starred* with little <3 hearts <3 all around. After all, R.Nash will be making an appearance at the St. Pete Times Forum… (Too bad it’s a Tuesday or I’d just have to book a room at a certain hotel and hang out in the lobby ; ) -S)

Send a smile towards S' general direction, please!

S has already told me which dates she cannot wait for–and this is one of them. Lets hope her starving college student budget will not stop her hockey ticket fund from growing. Donations will gladly be accepted.

Not quite sure what it is that makes her swoon like so, but I don’t ask questions. I just nod my head & then spam her inbox with pictures of her favorite boys. So, this one is for you S…ENJOY! Love, L. (You da best! -S)



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