Countdown: 58 days

9 08 2011

Ok guys, I’ll try not to die while typing this up…but seriously…just thinking about this guy makes my heart race–pathetic, I know.

Today there is KRIS LETANG days left until puck drop! Say it with me all you Tanger lovers…


You need to leave the tropics behind (hard thing to do, I know…) and get your cute butt back to the ‘Burgh. Or maybe you can fly from wherever you are, to Boston– say hi to me, then fly to the ‘Burgh. I’ll be the one fangirling while waiting by your terminal. Maybe I should sit on my hands just ensure that you actually make it back on your plane. Or maybe I can pay off Mario & you can come spend your time with me….just a thought.


I’m in need of some Tanger hockey hair…stat. If you could run your hand through it, that’d be great…

...and if this could happen again, I'd be forever in debt to Deryk Engelland...

I know I’m asking a lot of you, but if you could also get into some amazing fights in the preseason/season (like last year) that would make my life. You + Fight = Angry Tanger…who likes to mutter things in french, or english, maybe both–no one can actually tell…

???? --pretty sure I do know what he

Anyway, I could go on forever with things I’d like to see happen…but I won’t. 58 days girls & boys! 58 days…



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