Dear Carrie Underwood…

11 08 2011

…I hate you. Really, I’m not messing around. I do. Wanna know why?

that guy. right there. yup.

You used to be my idol, Carrie. I wanted to be just like you. The country music star, hair, body and all. I realize hate is a strong word…so maybe jealousy sums it up better. While I still want to be just like you, it’s now only for one reason. I’ll give you ONE guess…

I want you. And I'll take the ring you gave her too...

Today I totally had a minor major heart attack when Mike Fisher (@mikefisher1212) decided he would tweet pictures from his Under Armour photo shoot. I immediately text S freaking out. Hockey player + Under Armour = L dead. He is just way too delicious and shouldn’t be tweeting said photos. I may seriously die someday!

Why do hockey players look so good when doing squats?

So Carrie, when you get sick of your husband…just pass him on to me! I promise I will take good care of him. Oh and if you could also keep putting him in your music videos, I may or may not start to like you again. However, if you keep him locked up in that Nashville house of yours I’ll have no choice but to go back to being angry with you. My parents taught me to share…didn’t yours?




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