Countdown: 53 Days

14 08 2011

Before we start this, I just want you to know that we had a #54 on the countdown but apparently wordpress’ timer is off. We had set for wordpress to post it for us at 8am yesterday…and apparently that didn’t happen. So, we start off again with #53. – L


While deciding which player to feature as number 53 in our countdown to hockey season, L and I were actually in agreement! (It’s so much more fun when we fight… -L)

This #53 tugs at our heart strings.

He’s adorable! A total hockey hottie in training. Take notes Jeff, you have the opportunity to learn from the best. (cough::ERICSTAAL::cough — After seeing Daddy Staal with his son, I may have to strip– haha, *strip*– Craig Adams of his “Hot Daddy” title…. -L) 

Lesson #1 Complete: Looking handsome in a suit.

So, who is excited that there are Jeff Skinner days until the regular season??? I know I am : ) (Oh! Oh! ME ME ME!! Gettin’ close ladies! -L)




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