Trivia Tuesday: We’re not feelin’ it.

16 08 2011

We’re sorry, we’re just not in the mood. After we discovered a few pictures and heard a few rumors, our blogging moods are non-existent. We’ve both been writing each other late night frantic emails, depressing texts & pretty much on the verge of tears–we’re not kidding. We’ll keep the rumors & pictures quiet because we promised each other before we started this blog that we wouldn’t be those girls who hang on every word or picture on the internet. So we decided to vent our problems to you folks in a different way.

When we checked our Tumblr’s, Twitter’s, Facebook’s and every other social networking platform we use for this blog, we just wanted to crawl in a hole and not come out.

This has been S & I lately…


First me, now S. What’s next?!

But we’re not just angry…

we're depressed.

Our hearts can’t take much more of this. It’s unhealthy.

We just want to…

why? just why?

What did we do to deserve this kind of news? We’ve been nothing but supportive.

We’re not even sure the thought of the start of the season could cheer us up right now. Our hearts are just shattered into itty-bitty-tiny-little pieces. Super glue wouldn’t even be able to put it back together. Boys always find a way of ruining our lives. And like the stupid girls we are, we still flock back to them. But like always, S & I will stick together–holding each other up every step of the way.

you gotta get through me first.



3 responses

16 08 2011

I- I – I don’t-
(sorry…I’m always the last to hear anything from the rumor mill) =/

16 08 2011

Ugh! I’m lost. What rumors? I only heard the one ’bout our Captain. And I’m praying that it’s just due to a slow summer with no news.

What else? Someone tell me!!!

BTW – your blog is awesome. Love it! It’s getting me through the summer w/out hockey. Keep up the good work…but tell me the rumors! :-)

16 08 2011

Well according to Shero’s press release, Sid HAS had concussion symptoms…but nothing that has made him stop his workouts. We shall see how that situation unfolds.

As for our “other rumors” …we’ll just have to keep you all guessing ;)

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