Countdown: 48 days

19 08 2011

Two letters can sum up this post: T.K. That’s right girls, there are Tyler Kennedy days left until the 1st puck drop and one can hope for more of this…

did it taste good?

TK has got to be the one Penguin (besides Flower) that has captured S & I’s heart. This boy is so adorable it hurts. And when I hear him swear…I giggle. I can’t wait to see this boy, he makes me smile. (We make him smile too L, don’t forget that! -S)

Is that ok? Or do you need to lick this one too?

48 days people!! GET PUMPED!




2 responses

19 08 2011

My first thought today was “They better be using my TK for the countdown.”
And I am happy to report that you did not disappoint!
48 days….I’m already getting my jerseys ready. <3

19 08 2011

What kind of Pens lovers would we be without a little TK love??

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