Countdown: 44 Days

23 08 2011

L knew I called dibs on this post a LONG time ago. NATE THOMPSON days until the start of the regular season!!!!!! (You’re welcome, S. You also have dibs on 18, 12 & 11…heads up. – L)

Nate the Great!

I am beyond excited for these next 44 days to fly by, like bouncing in my seat excited! (No, really guys…I don’t think she’s exaggerating… -L) Not only does hockey make its triumphant return to our TV’s and computers, but my 2 hours drives to Tampa to see the Lightning play start up again! Oh, how I have missed the chill of the arena and the sounds of the game…

I can study this bromance up close and personal.

Who else is chomping at the bit to see what the 2011/2012 season brings?! I think the Lightning organization is going to work hard to put together another long season! (Hey now, just remember who you cheer for when the Pens come to town. We have a deal girlie ;) Husbands first. – L )

This guy will love every minute.



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