Trivia Tuesday: End of the World Party!

23 08 2011

bye bye world!

Everyone should already know by now that the East Coast felt one of it’s biggest earthquakes in years! Well, maybe not years…I actually don’t know when the last one was but I’m sure it was a while ago. (That’s the only Trivia part of this post–because I really got nothing today) S & I are certain it’s the start of the end of the world and you know what?! We couldn’t be more excited. Who wouldn’t want to see the end of the world!? I mean, come on. The movie 2012 was nothing short of AMAZING.

Plus, we’re thinking of throwing a huge End of the World Party–complete with loud music, lots of alcohol, hockey players…oh can’t forget a pool & hot tub because when I leave this world, I want to be sitting between a shirtless Kris Letang and a shirtless Sidney Crosby. (There better be a shirtless Jordan Staal included in this shin-dig -S)

"L & S want 4 of everything. Kegs of beer and lots of whiskey... oh and the dress code is bathing suits."

We’ve decided this party will be held in Florida because we have a better chance of breaking off of the US and floating away. Can you imagine?! An island full of hockey players…and just S & I to share them all?! (Muahahahaha Best idea EVER! -S)

"Let's party!"

There are limited invites to this party…so contact us now!! The girl to guy ratio is going to be extremely one-sided. I’m thinking 4 or 5 guys for every girl?? Is that fair??

Party: Hockey's Finest style

So ladies, when the President (Prime Minister or whoever runs your country) jumps on TV (radio, internet, or however he/she communicates with you) and tells you it’s time to say good bye to all loved ones…here’s what you do. Grab onto the nearest hockey player, jump on a plane to Florida and come join S & I for the biggest blow out (pun intended) of the century. Anything goes. We’re going out with a bang.




5 responses

24 08 2011

I’ll be there whether I’m invited or not.
Yep. You bet your ass I’ll be there. ;)
Staal me up! <3

24 08 2011

You may have to fight S for Staalsy…she’s had her eye on him forever…

25 08 2011
luckynumber87’s on. ;)

25 08 2011

I love your sense of humor girls!
I wouldn’t miss this party…even if I have to walk from NY to get there.

25 08 2011

Why thank you :)

And it seems as though the end of the world is coming sooner than we thought. Since when does New England get awful Hurricances & Earthquakes?! Oh, and Steve Jobs resigned. Yup, end of the world. Grab your hockey players now…I’m jumping on the next flight to florida.

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