Countdown: 42 days

25 08 2011

S and I first saw this beauty when we were waiting outside the Consol Energy Center for the Pens v. Sabres game back in March. He caught our eye and all 3 of us (S’ friend J was with us) instantly thought HOCKEY PLAYER! I swear sometimes we have a radar that goes off when we’re within 200 feet of an athlete (It’s a true gift that I am grateful for each and every day! -S). We sat on our hands and stared at him from a distance as he waltzed into the arena with a coffee. There is just something about an athlete in a suit…(Automatic drool even just thinking about it -S)

Anyway, We’re going to be honest when we say we had no idea who he was. So once we got inside we ripped open our Ice Time’s to look at the Sabres roster. It just so happened to be #42, Nathan Gerbe. So when we got back the hotel after the game–well, after our Mardi Gras bar crawl through Southside (Thanks to a great driver named Johnny Boy -S) when we were trying to wait for the room to stop spinning–we cracked open my computer and did some research.

Girls & boys, say hello to our new favorite Sabre…

why hello there...

He’s got the body, the hair, the eyes, and S’ personal favorite…the hands. She’s an OT major–get your  minds out of the gutter ladies. (No need girls, my mind is always in the gutter -S) The only flaw he has is the fact that he was an Eagle— I, however, am a Terrier fan (I am a BC girl myself so HA! -S). But don’t worry Nathan, I will not hold this against you. Just don’t ever ask me to root for BC when we’re married and have 2 little boys

can we just take that jersey off??

So everyone, happy 42 days left of this countdown to the regular season :)




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